Saturday, November 13, 2010

why wicked soul?

It was an awkward silence in the room,
and nothing seems fit nowadays,
as momentarily, I began to feel that I’ve nothing more to lose.

Solitude of ours was there, once.

But I guess it’s always fated that I lost you,
each n every time I have fallen,
truly, madly, deeply in love with you.

Seven years, dear,
We have met in such a situation and each situation, I lost.
Not only you,
I lost my pride,
I lost my self-esteem.
I am lost, in my own conscious,
And got drown in it.

O how before this, I’m so much sure with my every move and action,
regarding every decision taken in life.
But now,
just to take a simple step in continuing to live, my moves were shattered.
I don’t feel like enduring this exhausted journey.
Only death that I can wish for.

do come greet me in a way that a soul cannot be saved.
My soul, couldn’t be saved, no more.

For these, I have a wicked soul.

Explosion In The Sky - so long,lonesome

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