Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Sure?

I'd walk a million miles
for you
Swim the deepest oceans too.
But tell me to get a job?
I'll die trying.
And if I die,
how would we be together?
But sure,
I'd enslave my live,
if it's for you.
I just need to know,
if you'll love me
for sure.
But how would
I know?


  1. it turns to certainty when it comes together with effort... never quit trying, that's the key...

    hey, don't tell me you await the girl named shi ting? haha!

  2. No la! I can't even remember how she luk like.

    This poem xde kena mengena dgn siapa2 yang hidup atau mati. saja tulis je.

    N i tukar a few things. I lupa tulis ysterday. Boleh kan? X salah kan?

  3. nothing wrong with it... =)

    see, we just write without purpose, for/about no one in particular... so, there's no such thing as denying a crush? hehe...