Monday, November 15, 2010

Is This Your Life?

I was a naughty kid
But I wasn’t all bad
I tried my best to be good
But did they notice?

My good deeds went unnoticed
And my slightest mistakes,
were made sure to be punished severely.

My family was poor
But I didn’t blame them
I understood and accepted that fact.

But then they started blaming me
for all the shit in their life
And my life had become shitland.

But then I met and fell in love with someone
Whom I thought loved me too.
I thought she knew and accepted the fact,
that I was fucked up.

But I was wrong
And she left
So fuck me.

p/s: I wrote this for a friend who pretty much has the same life as me. The only difference is he’d found love and lost it. As for me, I’m still wondering what love is.


  1. gulp! untuk aku ke ni, sahabat? ke untuk Fiq?

  2. Sori ar bro, untuk orang lain sebenarnye. Not u or Fiq.

    Tapi lepas difikirkan, puisi ni pretty much describe ur life gak ar kan?

    Tapi aku da lupa, u never got to be with her or she left u?

  3. ngeh! since it wasnt for me so i wont be telling any details.haha

    p/s: nanti ada masa aku cerita

  4. ok2, lepas STPM kamu cerita ya?