Thursday, October 20, 2011

which part makes her different?

she is a simple girl, who also has heart, soul and mind.
like everyone else, she has a dream.
she never turn back out if she flunks.
she never say no to a yes.
she never say yes to a no.
she knows so well.
about what, who, where, how.

as you can see.
she is a human being.
which part makes her different ?
the part when you came along.
the part when you gave hopes.
the part when her heart when all over.
just for you.

deep down inside.
how much she loves you.
it will never change.
the fact that.
you hurt her as much as you didn't realise.
you make her bleed inside.
that it could be a very deep wound last forever.

now she's back.
bear with the wound.
become someone new.
brave, strong, unbroken.
just remember,
when she starts ingoring you.
she hates you so much is a fact.

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