Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ballad of the Falsifier

Living out on the streets you always felt to eat,
Hungry peoples lookin’ easier to defeat,
“Where have you been man? I’ve seen you’re so keen”,
Another ten years comin’, looks like you’re stayin’,

 They said the rain ain’t gonna fall today,
Watch your feet it’ll getting cold when it’s hot,
Stop dreamin’ and cheat your tiny little heart,
The train a-comin’ let’s catch it before late,

 We are ain’t no poet livin’ in our own world,
We are fleshes and bones who carried a golden spear,
Man is no men till’ he can offer his hands,
Ride the life on a silver wing and be proud of it,

 Beauty is not logical, it’s magical,
Have you ever seen the heart of a falsifier?
She buys your soul and rips it old,
It doesn’t matter if you’re never told.

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