Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lirik Yang Aku Tulis Tadi Tapi Tiba-Tiba Lupa Macammana Melodinya. Hampas!

They eat styrofoam
they drink petroleum
they stand on their stiff
enforced plastic bone.

They goes to the school
in matching uniform
but everyone left home
feeling so alone

They walk to the street
not knowing what they need
they came across a tree
and they all went freak

They pull out their gun
fired a thousand run
so nothing left to see
feeling so empty

They all look younger
by injecting polimer
they stay on stronger
refusing all the others

Life was all in order
calculated risks and danger
institutional and wager
feeling insecure

Synthetic life x 3
it's all the same X 3

Synthetic life X 3
undisposable X 3