Tuesday, April 6, 2010


She looked through the glass
wishing to be there
reaching out to touch the breeze
and dying to breathe the air
Her fingers felt cold
Her skin felt dead
The feeling was so real
She could taste it in her blood

The room was narrow
enclosing her body
there was only darkness
enclaving her like a baby
she suffocated in silence
dreaming to be free
in the coldness she fought
searching for the key

She thought of angels
and heavens and bliss
She thought of forgiveness
and kindness and mercy
She wanted to scream
and weep and cry
But she could only manage
a heavy sigh
She struggled so hard
with nothing to hold
In the end
she bowed to the world
surrendering her soul.

*... she lived her life behind the glass, longing to be free...*


  1. 'she' is a tinkerbell? no... i'm kidding... =)

    nice one from you...

  2. thanks

    unfortunately, 'she' is me..

    tinkerbell is probably luckier than she is..

  3. aww... that's bad... cheer up k... life is too short to live in sorrow... =)

  4. 'she' is like me too..:)