Monday, August 16, 2010

Picture of You

There, i saw you.
Amongst the other bloom of flowers.
rectifying all around you,
not being overshadowed,
but yet merging all those beauty into you.

There, i saw you.
hey girl, i spot your shining smile.
Blowing all my necessity worries,
perplexed my sense of numbness in heart.
I know you,and only you could melt me the way i do now.
And often i wondered,
" Do you, miss me, the way i, miss you?"

But there, i saw you,
in that picture.
Your smile glows your happiness.
A smile which roots pain and suffer of me seeing it.

and secretly,utterly unspoken words comes from a man heart
" i wish i was the one who holds your hand and make you smile"


p/s: finally, i got the guts to post out here.hye everyone. sila beri tunjuk ajar!!!!


  1. xde sape2 ajar kat sini... nak ajar, bayar ar...

    haha... sila2 jemput... =)

  2. haha...thanks bro.
    comments are appreciated.
    esp dr org2 lama kt sini =)

  3. ok.aku baru tau maPieCeoFarT adalah perempuan dr blog john loo.
    thanks cik akak!

  4. LOL, janganla you jadi Fiqnocchio yang baru. He also terkenangkan cinta yang tak mendatang.

    And erm... you need to work on your grammar. Or maybe you did it on purpose? But I'm no poetry expert either and I guess grammar isn't important in poetry, and your mistakes sometimes seem cute. But at the same time, the rest are... glaring.

    I hope you tak kecil hati because I said this.

  5. nope la. tak kecik hati.
    no worries.
    because i didnt read that much books and i didnt take it seriously when im on my English class.LOL
    as long the messages get through to the readers then im satisfied =)

    nevertheless,i admit that i need to improve my English and your constructive comments are much welcome =)

    p/s: my blackhole is that girl.i dont know bout Fiq but mine is 7years on/off relationship. im in the mood for lovesick now, so just bear with me aite.haha

  6. amin~
    congratz sbb berjaya post. ^__^
    jangan mati kerana cinta ok