Saturday, May 14, 2011


If you think life is unfair
Think again

If someone makes you cry today
Some time ago you've made someone cried and you just walked away

If you are annoyed of a person today
Some time ago you have annoyed someone the same way

If you are left alone with no friends today
Some time ago you must have done the same thing too, I must say

If someone lied to you today
Some time ago there was someone's trust you betrayed

If you feel wasted and useless
Just remember...
Some time ago you've put someone in pretty much the same mess

So, do you still think life is unfair?
Think again.


  1. haha... jgn batuk2, minum air. =D

  2. nice...afterall..
    we have to accept and redha to Qada' and Qadar..can i copy this..i will write ur name..tq