Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Stop The War

Livin’ in a world full of madness,
Stuck in the street lookin’ for somethin’ to eat,
Spreading lies no one seems to dispute,
I’m in a corner that sees everything 

How many tears we have to shed,
Only to stay alive in the cruel world,
Will the corrupter heard our hum,
Will they save us from this harebrained? 

We have to kill only to spare a live, 
We search for a truth that doesn’t exist,

Livin’ in madness,
I’m livin in a cruel world,
Livin’ in insanity,
We have to stay alive

War in our head,
War in our nation,
War around the globe,

Don’t stop the war,
Go on with the war!


  1. well, go on...go on until nothing left...

  2. No straight forward answer.... Lets look after life within manageable sphere.