Friday, November 22, 2013


I fell in love with a man,
Who indeed drives me insane.

I did not see it coming,
It is indeed bad timing.

I felt there was a strong connection,
But it is gruelling to grab your attention.

It has always been her in your heart,
She is your invaluable diamond cut.

You pine after her,
Your happily-ever-after.

While I am just a fool,
Who broke every rule.

I let my heart to show me the way,
It made me go astray.

I heard you got her heart back,
I almost got a heart attack.

You have stung me like a deadly bee,
But you are still important to me.

If she ever hurts you,
I'll haunt her and whoever hurts you too.

Your happiness is what I desire,
Even if you burn me like fire.

I really miss the moment when you said "hi"
But now it's time to say goodbye.



  1. membaca "Goodbye" sambil mendengar Acivii "wake me up" rasa tertusuk-tusuk hati..

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  3. Sometimes it's better to let things go by,
    When we still think they will never die.
    Nice one, NJ. :)