Wednesday, January 6, 2010

rediscovery channel

//10 november 2007. aku seorang form 2.

Roses black and blue,
Nasi lemak breath
I bought you a ten sen icecream
And you told me you sayang-ed me
Oh how I could fly along with my heart
Smoking your cheap cigarette
Where we heading?
Your girlfriend’s house at the end of the world
Yes. Your girlfriend's

You and your accounts, I watched you fret
We were lonely we were edgy
Up there on her balcony, HER balcony
The grey sky beckoned
You came in through the door
Clicking your small black shutterbug
My laugh, yes, it was false and painful
Here in my heart
Begging you to grab me
smother me with those lips I’m looking at

But you just went away

The devil told me to jump! JUMP!

And it rained, it rained just as well as my shirt said
Walk me home, I desired to scream
You kissed her and left me to walk in solitude, you did
Drizzle, drizzle and the wind called our names
The moment brimmed with perfection
But you weren’t there, for us to share
Salty raindrops
Salty raindrops pouring from my blinded eyes
Oh please,
I never knew how to make a feeling stop.

HIM is history :)