Sunday, August 29, 2010

undefined term for you and me

jika bisa aku mahu tali antara kita menjadi entiti tak terdefinisi
biar kekal sebagai abstrak yang berwarna warni
kerana bila kita memberi label pada rasa ini
aku takut ia hancur berkecai dan merobek kedua hati dari setiap inci

when you love someone and do nothing
because you fear of losing what you already have
you are actually end up with losing too...

losing the one you love for someone else.


  1. doing nothing regardless of impossibilities,
    we hope, for the heart to realise and stay.

    we terrified, scared,
    counting hope,we pray,
    for that heart awake it self conscious to feel the same.
    because we cant afford to lose that heart.

  2. for the heart that never lie,
    they stay and will never leave,
    only the soul-keeper who will die,
    keep the secret of what heart believe.

  3. nak buat macam blog i wrote this for you ke?

  4. itu my inspiration that's why the presentation ada similarity sikit... but the idea is original... (^_~)v