Monday, August 23, 2010

Your Shallowness Is Deep

One thing I hate
About this world
Is how people think you are stupid
If you are silent

Little do they know
It is their insecurities
That imprints these smudges
On their perception

When they need to know
If they are right
And all you have for them
Is the truth
That nobody knows


  1. still mumbling about that blackhole ya?
    aku bz final projek.sem last ni.takde masa nak menulis beb

  2. No, not really. But since black holes suck almost everything, I guess you could say it is.

    Sigh... Life...

  3. mak saya cakap x baik mengeluh, john... ish3... jom, pegi genting highland naik space shot jom...