Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Answer Is Obvious

I live in a world
When someone asks you
Why don't you have this?
Why don't you do this?

The answer is obvious

It has even come to the point
When someone asks you
Why don't you like this?

The answer is the same

No money.


  1. Thanks. Your love is free, right? (No homo)

  2. yelah. haha! gua bukan gay. normal je.

  3. ada je benda yg still affordable without money... lalalaa...

  4. ahhhh...who am i to kid you?
    money aint everything.
    but everything needs money.thats the shitty part

  5. OMG, bila masa ada comment baru ni? LOL.

    "Soul Brother": you kiddin who? maPieCeoFart?

    Hmm.... kalo nak free then don't expect quality. Actually, don't expect anything la. Except maybe crap.

    For example, kahwin lari with an Indon lover and end up having to work as maid to survive because your husband tahu hisap rokok and minum arak je.