Saturday, September 25, 2010

Puisi cinta 4.04am

I am just a ghost, a wandered soul,
who flew aimlessly,
looking for you.

As you, my dear,
my soul stealer,
has captured all my might, my hopes, my dreams.
You are, truly, my despair.
But yet, the only light, in dimness, I see.

Oh yes,
the glow might have blinded me though.
But still, I try to grasp that glimpse of you.
As I do know,
we do need each other,
to light up both life.

For you, my dear,
Is the only spark I ever needed.
The sparks of everything commune in life.

Be it sadness,
Occupied with madness,
Yet, full of sweetness.

You are, the sparkle of my life.
And I love you so, dearly.