Saturday, October 16, 2010


I am, now,exploring a new, greener side of humanity,
which always return to a point of nowhere.

Humanity, nowadays and since eons ago, really does shambles,
but yet, a lot of us, trying to kick start,
get in-a-go,
moving forward,
bypass the grieving, mournful days.

Ought we succeed or not,
Remember ;
it was never too late.

Humanity, co-exist with being loved and giving love,
my dear friends.

And by shall i would gave,
my solid,unconditional love to you,my dear soulmate.
Whenever, wherever, you are, now.


  1. ahhh love and humanity.
    beautiful. not to mention ; BEAUTIFUL !


  2. haha.ko edy, jack aku kuat sangat ni.
    thanks mate!