Friday, March 26, 2010

O Where Art Thou?

There is a robot
Whose heart doubles as a transmitter
And in the day he transmits
his message to the cosmos
And at night he waits
patiently for a reply

Sometimes it rains
But the robot is unfazed
But unknownst to him
Deep down inside
He rusts

Sometimes it rains hail
Or a sandstorm hits
Or wild beasts attack
The poor robot
has no choice but to retreat
to his tiny cave
But when the storm clears
and the savage animals moved on
The robot crawls out and
continues transmitting

Such is the life of the robot
Who can never die
Or see the world in another eye
for he is programmed as such
Who waits patiently and
transmits diligently
Braving the odds
Hoping for a single
From the great cosmos


  1. "signal o signal... where art thou...?"
    says the robot...


  2. Why "hurm...?" X faham? Hehe, banyak deep meaning hehe

  3. just a sigh... of wondering.... haha...