Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Puisi rindu selepas berbuka

You are,
Just another obsession that I need to kick out,
Yet, I failed.

And, pretty please,
Do not ask how many days I cried,
For these pair of eye didn’t wet,
But my heart is.
Aching, and urging, of missing you.

As I am, still, now.

I wish, u live well, dear.
With him.


  1. terima kasih.
    sedih eh?
    datang selalu ya =)

  2. mrwickedsoul.. yup, memang agak sedih. selalu saje singgah ^_^

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  4. @fizafreak
    ouch,i used to comment on yours.
    and its a pleasure for u to come here n give mine.
    terima kasih!!!!!

    @gadis yang ingin kurus
    i guess people write better when they are in pain.there are so many things to write bile bdukacita kan?
    terima kasih utk sokongan anda =)

  5. i know right...
    but yours damn good man....
    im enjoying every single words.
    so, write more often k...
    mmm.... i mean type more often here k. =)

  6. ouch.its way too much for me.
    biasa2 saja puisi saya.
    still got a lot to learn.
    terima kasih banyak2.
    all of your kind words will boost up my writings in the future.
    InsyaAllah =)

  7. get it over and done with... life's too short to weep for, dude... gadis banyak di luar sana apa... chill de...

  8. this is my solitude.
    kalo nak ceramah sila ke blog john loo la cik zara =P

  9. eh, ni bukan ceramah...

    oo baik2... beliau hari2 dah dengar ceramah saya dah... haihh... *wow, kenal ka kita?

  10. been to your blog, linked from john loo's.
    tp takdak masa nak baca dalam2 lg.
    im not such a wanderer like i used to be.
    InsyaAllah nanti, bebila, saya pi sana

  11. We tend to write beautiful things when we're heartbroken.


  12. couldnt agree less.
    i just hope this magic wouldnt lost its touch.
    thanks for dropping by.

    Cheers mate.

    p/s: u do write good stuff..aku suka blog yg melankoli like yours. i wish i can write like you do =)

  13. You and maPieCeoFarT's comments.... LOL!

  14. zara was going to start preaching.
    what could i do?thats the best way.LOL =)

  15. ya ya...laughing and rolling on the floor... duh!