Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Puisi cinta 11.48pm

For each thy soul,
Live amongst for each told,
For the love I haven’t spoke,
It lies beneath my within heart.

It wasn’t neither too soon,
neither too late.
It was there,
It was here, now.

It wasn’t gone.
It was there, all along.
It was perfect and ideal.
Sacred and pure.
Yet, devastating in such time,
tormenting us, soul.

For the feeling,
Has never faded.
And I love you so, dearly.

Snow Patrol- Run


  1. beautifully written. been waiting for your update, though.

    Oh God, it's a beautiful song, isn't?

  2. You sir,
    for someone who read a lot and write such a melancholic yet beautiful life experiences, do make me feel flattered by saying "been waiting for your update, though".
    i am still green, and i got a lot of things to learn.
    and that is why i still haven't even create my own blog.
    I appreciate it when people like you dropping by.cheers mate!

    p/s: blog engkau tak ada ruang komen, jadi aku membebel panjang di ruang komen aku sendiri. btw,kadang2 penulisan engkau mengingatkan aku pada AKAB.mungkin dari cara penceritaan pengalaman hidup.

  3. Gosh, you saying all that make me flattered. I wrote petty things. But I do admit that AKAB's writing has the biggest influence on me. Thanks anyway, all the best in your writing.

    Post- script:

    Still looking forward for your next update. Heh.

  4. Ive knew it.
    We both being inspired by the same man,i guess.
    Glad that we both had the same taste.

    P/s: i prefer quality before quantity.i do write a bunch of craps until i finalize a do bear with me ya!hehe.thanks

  5. ada terdengar2 nama Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar plak kat sini... whoa, make it three... count me in! aku pun suka tulisan dia jugak... he's out of the ordinary uh... =)

  6. Jadi ada sesiapa di sini yang sudi bagi aku pinjam bahan bacaan seperti bukowski,miller dan lain-lain?
    sebab aku baru hendak bermula.hehe